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Dearest Clients,

During our months apart I have missed working with you very much and look forward to seeing you again soon! 

 I want to acknowledge how long it has been and thank you for continuing to support both my humble practice, 

and your ongoing healing mission. 


I have several new protocols in place to keep everyone safe, healthy, and comfortable, 

and am humbly grateful that the time has come to return in service. 

 I look forward to hearing about how the journey has unfolded in your life over the past months. 

 Namaste, Katie

Welcome to my Private Practice!

Life can be tough... I am here to help guide you into a balanced, sustainable wellness routine.

Reiki, meditation, yoga, and massage therapy practices can help to liberate pain, and strengthen inner peace.

Tap your pause button... 

Reset your mind, body and spirit... 

Book an appointment for yourself! 

 Today is the day to become the best version of yourself,

because you never know what adventure awaits!

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