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Therapeutic Bodywork Menu

I love helping the world become a happier place

integrative body massage

unwind stress and melt away pain

with a customized blend of intuitively guided therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, firm swedish, myofascial release, cranio-sacral, acupressure, reiki, and reflexology to meet your specific needs

90 min $130 ​*now available*

60 min $100

prenatal massage therapy

find comfort and ease in this transition with strength, flexibility, and resilience so that your body can bounce back after your little one arrives... happy momma, happy baby

60 min $100

energy balancing

a unique and divinely guided combination of cranio-sacral, advanced reiki, aromatherapy, crystals, sound healing and integrative manual therapy protocols bring you back into sync with Earths natural changing rhythms

90 min $130 *now available*

60 min $100

raindrop therapy 

detoxifying and immunity boosting organic essential oil droplets fall along the spine and are massaged into the back with nature inspired strokes, sealed with heat, then grounded with reflexology

awaken refreshed to the cleansing sound of rain

 90 min $150 *includes full body massage​ 

*now available*

60 min $120

hot stone therapy

toasty lava stones are oiled and rhythmically smoothed over the skin, which gently melts away muscle stiffness and tension deep beneath the surface... this heated treatment is detoxifying to the core,

so be sure to 'pre-hydrate'

90 min $150 ​*hot stone currently unavailable due to cleaning requirements

60 min $120


Book any of these delightful experiences to enhance your 

integrative body massage

or energy balancing session.

*30 min add-ons are $40*

**not available as individual sessions**


full body dry brushing

exfoliate dead skin cells, boost lymphatic drainage, and detoxifying circulation

keep the loofah

ayurvedic rejuvenating face massage

marma points on the face and scalp are awakened as a portal to opening up and cleansing the third eye

sound healing meditation

personalized guided meditation with crystal singing bowl vibrations help to center you for ultimate relaxation  

yoga mini flow

learn and practice the basics that will compliment your specific needs and develop a at-home mini flow

foot reflexology sugar scrub

awaken reflex points on the feet to improve overall function in the body plus a foot scrub

lifestyle coaching

open up to support and motivation, build a personal toolbox for sustainable happiness

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