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Therapeutic Bodywork Menu

unwind stress and alleviate pain with a customized therapeutic treatment or specialized protocol

therapeutic energy balancing

A customized combination treatment may include Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT), cranio-sacral,  reflexology, sound healing, aromatherapy, usui & crystal reiki help bring you into a harmonious state of consciousness and well-being.  Emotional trauma release is a common therapeutic component, therefore supportive affirmations and Neuro-fascial Process (NFP) aftercare may be recommended for continued healing at home.

90 min $130 

60 min $100

integrative body massage

I begin with (IMT) manual structural recovery techniques to target and resolve deep foundational issues.  Myofascial release, and cranio-sacral bodywork are then introduced to facilitate a gentle unwinding of tension, & opening up for re-alignment within the body systems.

As needed to meet your specific goals.... firm swedish massage, trigger point release, acupressure, reflexology, reiki,  and aromatherapy smooth out the healing experience.

90 min $130 

60 min $100

raindrop therapy 

This protocol was originally inspired by the Native American tradition to channel healing from the great Northern Lights.  It primarily focuses on spinal health, detoxification, and supporting natural immunity.

During the massage, a specific series of therapeutic essential oils are dropped along the spine.  Then the techniques I use stimulate the parasympathetic, and sympathetic nervous system for a rejuvenating experience.  

Once the energy channels along the spine are open, I provide reflexology to stimulate deep healing and clarity.

 90 min $150 *includes full body massage​ 

60 min $120

prenatal massage therapy

Find comfort during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy as your body changes with your growing little one.

Therapeutic massage in this transition will support your posture (as center of gravity shifts), allow for flexibility in the ribcage, and help with stress management. These considerations  help to build resilience, so that your body can bounce back with ease after your baby arrives.

60 min $100

ayurvedic blissful nirvana

(pictured on home page)

This heavenly service is a combination of massage and shirodhara (warm oil stream).

Ayurvedic 'marma' points (energy complexes) are awakened within the 'rejuvenating face' and full body massage. Abhyanga (ayurvedic style massage) is utilized to lubricate the joints and may provide a greater sense of fluidity in the world during and after the session.  

Once energy pathways are open and clear, a beautiful vessel of warm oil is placed above the forehead. The oil streams over the 'third eye' (seat of consciousness point), and through the hair. This nourishes the scalp, and cleanses the third eye chakra... taking the mind, body and soul on a journey of mental purification.

2 hour service $200

In-Home Services

I provide in-home services on a case by case basis. Please inquire directly if interested in planning a visit.

***An additional $50 travel & set up fee will be assessed per household***

Add-On Services

to enhance your integrative body massage or therapeutic energy balancing session

*30 min add-ons are $40*

**not available as individual sessions**


full body dry brushing

exfoliate dead skin cells, boost lymphatic drainage, and detoxifying circulation

keep the loofah

ayurvedic rejuvenating face massage

marma points on the face and scalp are awakened as a portal to opening up and cleansing the third eye

sound healing meditation

personalized guided meditation with crystal singing bowl vibrations help to center you for ultimate relaxation  

yoga mini flow

learn and practice the basics that will compliment your specific needs and develop a at-home mini flow

foot reflexology sugar scrub

awaken reflex points on the feet to improve overall function in the body plus a foot scrub

lifestyle coaching

open up to support and motivation, build a personal toolbox for sustainable happiness

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